Bilateral Breast Augmentation & Tuberous Breast Deformity, Hinsdale, IL

Procedure Details

This patient presents for bilateral breast augmentation. This case is not a straight forward bilateral breast augmentation as the patient has a tuberous breast deformity. This means that the breast tissue is mainly concentrated behind the Nipple and Areola and the breast folds are high which gives the breast a constricted appearance. The bilateral breast folds are not only highly positioned in this patient but also assymetric. The procedure to correct this condition requires releasing the constricted breast tissue to allow for better re-draping, lowering the position of each breast fold, and then augmenting the breasts with implants. These maneuvers were achieved through a 5cm inframammary incision on each breast. The implants were placed in a dual plane with the upper pole of the implant behind muscle and the lower pole of the implant behind breast tissue. 275cc smooth round Mentor silicone gel implants were used for this case. She is 9 months post-op in the photos.


Kouris M.D.

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