Cyst Removal Testimonial - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


Hi. I'm Daniel Lynch. I'm from Worth. I had a minor procedure done here about three or two weeks ago. It was a cyst, a mass growing on my chest. I came to see Dr. Kouris. He did the procedure in the office here instead of putting me under because he says that it wasn't that bad. He'd be able to do it in the office.

So I mean, you know, anytime something like that happens, you're always gonna feel, I don't know, bad or, I didn't. It was uncomfortable having this lump, you know? But when I first met the doctor, he was very professional, very kind guy. Even his nurse, Sheila, she's great. The whole staff's great. Makes you feel comfortable. He just did the little consult, and he saw that, Okay, I can do this instead of putting you under and booking an OR.

And I was like, Great. And it was much cheaper than I thought from the last time I got it. Dr. Kouris was great, reasonable. And he saved me a bunch of money. The day of the procedure, I wasn't nervous at all. I was more anxious and more happy to finally get this lump out, the cyst, this mass. It probably only took him about an hour.

He laid me down. He numbed me up. And I just sat still. I was not uncomfortable. I was in no pain at all. Within an hour, he had the mass out. He showed me it. It's kind of nasty-looking, but, it was just such a relief.

I am almost two weeks after my surgery. I feel great. My eye is still a little swollen, but the stitches came out a couple of days ago. The recovery time, of course, the doctor says could be swollen for a couple months, but it all depends on your body. Eventually you'll come back.

I feel great. The pressure is gone. Yes, I would recommend Dr. Kouris to anybody who was to do this procedure. And don't wait, too, because it is a confidence destroyer, being uncomfortable when you don't feel right within yourself, you know? So I would definitely recommend Dr. Kouris to anyone who ever asked me. I think he's a great doctor. Like I said, I'm going to have, he had a little incision underneath. It's already starting to heal up great. I barely can tell.

I think he did a fantastic job.