What to do About Bottoming Out After Breast Augmentation

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 03/04/2019

Despite the success of most breast implants, there is one issue that women fear as they recover from the procedure and that is known as bottoming out.


What Is a Hydrating Facial?

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 02/25/2019

There are many different types of spa treatments to choose from and one of the most popular is the one that is commonly known as a hydrating facial.


Chicago Facial Liposuction Specialist

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 02/18/2019

Facial liposuction is designed to remove fatty deposits from the face and to help smooth and contour the face to give a younger appearance.


Am I a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 02/11/2019

More and more people are asking if they are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and other reconstructive rejuvenating procedures.


Mommy Makeovers in Chicago

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 02/04/2019

Having a baby may be on of the happiest moments in a woman’s life but their bodies are not always so happy with the process.


Cosmetic Surgery is not Just for Women

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 01/28/2019

Men’s goals may include a more balanced nose, a rejuvenated face, and a trimmer waistline.


Symmastia Surgery Helps Improve Patient Self-Esteem

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 01/21/2019

One of the most common problems that occur with a breast augmentation surgery is a condition known as symmastia.


Understanding What is Involved in a Rhinoplasty

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 01/14/2019

One of the most common procedures we get asked about is rhinoplasty, the medical-scientific name for a nose job.


Tips For Taking Care of Your Skin

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 01/07/2019

Skin is the biggest organ of the body and it serves the vital role of keeping our insides inside our bodies and keeping harmful germs out.


How Lip Enhancement Works

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 01/02/2019

Lip enhancement is done via a number of methods.


Gynecomastia- Male Breast Reduction At Kouris M.D.

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 12/26/2018

Many men secretly struggle with an embarrassing condition that is known to the general public as the dreaded man boobs.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Plastic Surgery Procedures

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 12/17/2018

We offer a wide range of plastic surgery options to choose from that can help you get the healthier and younger looking body you want.


Welcome to Kouris M.D.

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 12/10/2018

Dr. Kouris and his team use their wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver the best quality and service.


Mommy Makeovers and What They Have to Offer

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 12/03/2018

Pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful thing but it can wreak havoc on the body.


Questions We Get Asked About Body Contouring

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 11/26/2018

We have helped hundreds of our patients with their sculpting and toning needs and are here to answer any questions you may have.


Arm Lift Surgery Options From the Midwest Plastic Surgery Experts

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 11/19/2018

Over time as we age the body begins to wear down and muscled start to lose their tone and shape.


Facial Rejuvenation Procedure Options Available Today

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 11/12/2018

We all want to look our best and as unfortunate as it may be, we live in a day and age where looks matter.


Breast Reduction Services in Chicago

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 11/05/2018

While media today represents well-endowed women as being beautiful and attractive, for many women, large oversized breasts can cause a lot of pain.


Getting Lash Extensions Done in Chicago

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 10/29/2018

Our team of experts is ready to wow you with their superior eyelash extension work and the amazing options that are available to you.


Dangers of Frostbite This Winter Season

George J. Kouris, M.D. | 10/22/2018

Of all the fun and the work involved in the winter chill, there is one underlying risk involved with it all- frostbite.


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