Mommy Makeovers in Chicago

Many mothers today are caught in a constant back and forth battle. They love being a wife and a mother yet they are not in love with what pregnancy and the mommy years have done to their bodies. The saggy breasts, tubby flab, and other changes that linger long after pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding are done can be embarrassing and stressful for many women. Add to that the fact that many women feel they owe more to their husband and children than they do to themselves, and it is easy to see why many women are hesitant to act on their desires to improve their looks with a mommy makeover.

The irony is most women would get their car repainted if it got keyed, but they feel guilty about “fixing” their bodies… Some women experience real social distress and embarrassment by their bodies. Dating becomes difficult. They restrict their social interaction by avoiding places where they would need to wear less clothing, like the beach or pool parties. Even putting on makeup can be stressful, because foundation settles into saggy, wrinkled skin. Eye shadow only accentuates crepey, drooping eyelids, and just never looks good” (Prime Women).

Why a Mommy Makeover is Needed

Having a baby may be on of the happiest moments in a woman’s life but their bodies are not always so happy with the process. Saggy breasts, stretch marks, wrinkles, obstinate belly fat or saggy skin can all make a new mom feel less beautiful and graceful and loveable. This does not have to be the case, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to still look good after pregnancy and childbirth. Once the baby is born and breastfeeding is done, many of the areas of the female body don’t necessarily return to their pre-pregnancy firmness and tone. That is where a Chicago mommy makeover can make a world of difference. With a number of treatments available to choose from it can be possible to get back the slimmer and younger looking body and it can be possible to fall in love with your reflection yet again!

Chicago Mommy Makeover Options

This life-changing treatment option is essentially a custom-created package of cosmetic surgery procedures that are customized to meet individual needs in areas of body shaping and contouring. Custom packages often include:

  • Breast lifts help with the rejuvenation of breasts that sag due and to address symmetry issues
  • Breast reductions reduce breast size and remove fat and tissue that linger after breastfeeding
  • Tummy tucks get rid of excess skin and fat to provide a more toned and flattened stomach
  • Liposuction can help reduce stubborn fatty deposits that done respond to other methods
  • Labiaplasty is aimed at toning and restoring the labial folds and vulva area after childbirth
  • Facelift will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines and reduce the appearance of saggy skin
  • Eyelid surgery is done to reduce the puffiness or drooping of the upper and lower lids
  • Facial fillers help to tone the face and restore healthy and youthful tone and feel to the skin
  • Spa treatments can help soothe the skin and rehydrate skin that has been neglected

Kouris M.D. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Approach

There are many reasons why our patients come to us with questions about a mommy makeover. They are tried to looking and feeling worn out and tired. They long for the days when their clothes fit right. The miss the firmer and more toned bodies they once had. And their overall feeling of self-worth and self-esteem have suffered because of how they look post-pregnancy. Here at Kouris M.D. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, we are committed to creating a customize mommy makeover treatment plan that addresses your wants and needs. Just because you are a mommy now does not mean you can’t look and feel your absolute best! You deserve to feel good about yourself and do something to take care of yourself for a change.

mommy makeover procedure

Your Mommy Makeover Consultation With Dr. Kouris

You and Dr. Kouris will discuss your expectations for your mommy makeover procedure. He’ll make sure you’re thoroughly comfortable and excited about your custom package. He’ll also carefully explain what will happen during your procedure, what to expect after surgery, and any possible side effects. Dr. Kouris’s staff is happy to help you with any questions you may have before scheduling your mommy makeover and consultation. Please use our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to show you what a Chicago mommy makeover treatment plan can do for you!

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