Tips For Taking Care of Your Skin


Skin is the biggest organ of the body and it serves the vital role of keeping our insides inside our bodies and keeping outside toxins and harmful germs out of our bodies. It is also the most obvious part of our bodies and is what everyone sees. This is why so many people seem obsessed with skin care. Here at Kouris M.D. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, we can help you and we can answer any questions you may have about taking care of your skin. Some of the tips we offer to all of our patients include:

Avoid Sunburns

We need sun for Vitamin D but it is important to protect your skin when you are out in the sun for any length of time. Using sunscreen and protective clothing is the best way to avoid sun damage while taking care of your skin.

Stay Hydrated

Skin looks lush and soft and healthy when it hydrated. When you become dehydrate the cells in the skin shrink in size and this leads to a wrinkled look. It can also make the skin dry and flaky and overall unhealthy.

Wash With Care

It is important to keep your skin clean but it is just as important to make sure you do it correctly. Be sure to use mild soaps and don’t over-wash as your skin does need some of the natural oils to keep it healthy and strong.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

It is easy to see where exposure to harsh chemicals could occur on the job site but remember that makeup, facial creams, soaps, and other products marketed for skin care can have harsh chemicals that do more harm than good.

Watch What You Eat

You are what you eat and if you want your skin to stay healthy then you need to give it healthy food. Avoid sugars and processed foods and eat plenty of fruit and veggies to make sure you get enough vitamins and nutrients.

Stay Active

Taking care of your skin actually involves taking care of your entire body and getting enough exercise each and every day can help. A healthy body is a beautiful body that shows in your skin’s natural glow.

Give Up Bad Habits

The health and vitality of your skin are directly linked to your day to day lifestyle and habits. If you drink, smoke, or od drugs it can severely damage your body and the skin is the first place to see this effect take place.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is the time where the body rests and heals itself. It is during sleep cells regenerate and repairs themselves and the body prepares for a new day. Inadequate sleep can leave you feeling and looking a bit rough.

Manage Stress Levels

Our final tip for patients who ask us- how can taking care of your skin be easier- is to manage stress levels. Stress happens but we need to learn ways to cope and deal with stress in our lives before it impacts our health and wellbeing.

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