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Many men secretly struggle with an embarrassing condition that is known to the general public as the dreaded man boobs. The technical term for enlarged male breasts is Gynecomastia. The condition is typically identified by enlarged breasts in men. All men have testosterone, the male hormone as well as small amounts of female hormones such as estrogen. Gynecomastia happens when there is not enough male hormone or too much female hormone and the result is a swelling of the breast tissue. The causes vary though some of the most supported theories about the causes include problems with the onset of puberty, genetics, effects of aging, medication side effects, or health conditions -any of which can lead to the hormone imbalance at the root of the condition. Often, the swelling can be accompanied by tenderness and discomfort so it can be a painful or uncomfortable condition physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Here at Kouris M.D. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, we have done hundreds of male breast reduction procedures and if you are looking for Gynecomastia treatments in the area we invite you to call us today.

Treatment for Enlarged Breasts in Men

How male breast reduction surgery is handled is mostly determined on a case by case basis that takes the needs of the individual into account as well as their lifestyle, medical history, the ultimate reason for the procedure, and other important factors. One key thing that will be determined during initial exams and consultations is the type of tissue involved in the enlargement. Basically, there are two categories treatments can fall under- True Gynecomastia and Pseudo Gynecomastia. The difference between the two has to do with the type of breast tissue causing the enlargement:

  • True Gynecomastia is the condition where the enlargement of the breasts in men is caused by enlarged glandular breast tissue and there can also be excess fatty deposits present as well that increase the size even more.
  • Pseudo Gynecomastia is enlargement of male breasts that is caused by an excess of fatty tissue with no other conditions or types of tissue involved in the swelling of the breast tissue.

Male breast reduction surgery will vary depending on the underlying cause. For our male patients who have True Gynecomastia, the procedure focuses on removing that excess glandular tissues and tapers the shape of the breasts by removing any fatty deposits through a simple liposuction procedure at the end. This helps tighten the shape and maintains the more desirable masculine profile. For Pseudo Gynecomastia, if the skin is healthy and in good shape, the reduction usually involved only liposuction to remove the fatty deposits. If a great deal of fat is removed there may be additional skin tissue that needs to be removed and the surgical incision used to do this generally runs along the lower edge of the areolas.

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Male breast reduction surgery remains the most effective solution for male breast enlargement. The procedure will remove excess fat and glandular tissue, restoring a flatter, firmer, more masculine contour to the patient’s chest. Call us today to learn more and to see why more people trust us for all of their liposuction, cosmetic surgery and Gynecomastia treatments in the area.

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