Facial Rejuvenation - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


Facial rejuvenation is a very high satisfaction journey that we take patients through. When we see patients initially in consultation, we carefully listen to what their goals and what their desires are regarding rejuvenation of the face. After that initial conversation, what I do is I carefully examine the features of the face. We basically break up the face into thirds. We look at the upper third, we look at the middle third, and we look at the lower third of the face, and what we do then is give suggestions as to how we go about improving these areas, these features.

It's a consultation which is very intimate. It's very personal. We spend a lot of time with the patients discussing what is reasonable and what's not reasonable, what we can achieve and what we can't achieve. We take photos of patients. We go over those photographs.

To me, the transformation after facial rejuvenation is one where a patient at the end of the day, after a good surgical procedure, looks and feels refreshed. We don't try to achieve an overpulled or an overdone look. We are trying to elicit the compliment of, "Boy, you look really refreshed. What did you do? What did you have done?" and friends and girlfriends can't quite figure out what was done, but they know that you just somehow look really, really good and really, really refreshed. That ultimately is what our goal is at the end of facial rejuvenation surgery.

We take our patients through these journeys with the utmost care and sincerity from the very beginning to the very end. We take pride and we take privilege in taking care of patients in taking them through these procedures.