Tummy Tuck - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


Tummy tuck surgery is a journey that we take many patients through. It is a very high satisfaction procedure. What it entails is discussing, evaluating what a patient's goals and desires are, taking them through that procedure, and ultimately getting them on the back end of that procedure with the goal and desire that they're looking to achieve. We see patients in consultation. We have a discussion with the patients. We do a thorough examination and discuss things like incision placement and what we're looking to achieve. Tummy tuck surgery isn't just removing skin and fat from the upper and lower abdomen. We also do work to tighten and contour the gamma musculature. We create a waist, we improve a patient's silhouette by doing the actual procedure, and then we also, again, address and remove the redundancy of skin and soft tissue. Oftentimes, we're doing liposuction in addition to tummy tuck surgery, could contour the flanks and the waist as well. In addition to doing the surgery, we go above and beyond and we also try to connect our patients with therapists and nutritionists to improve their lifestyle so that when they go through the procedure, they almost use the procedure as a springboard to also improve and enhance their lifestyles in general. So tummy tuck surgery is a very common procedure that we do and it's a very high satisfaction procedure.