What is a Mommy Makeover - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


Mommy makeover is a patient group that I really like taking care of. I have four children of my own, and I understand the sacrifice that we as parents, women in particular go through in order to raise children, bear children et cetera. When I see these patients in consultation, what we're trying to do is restore their bodies to their pre-childbearing youth. So I take that very seriously. What we're doing in that sense is looking at most of the time the abdomen, in addition to the chest and in combination trying to formulate a plan that's going to restore contours, lift contours, improve contours. Typically with the abdomen, we're doing a standard tummy tuck where we're removing the excess skin and soft tissue, tightening the actual skin, but more importantly, really tightening the muscles beneath the skin and soft tissue to re-provide that waistline that we had. Re-provide that contour that we had before childbearing occurred.

In addition, there's typically a natural droop to the bust that happens after childbearing, especially after nursing a child. So depending on the extent of the droop we are either talking about putting in breast implants for instance or tightening up the skin and uplifting the position of the breasts. Sometimes we do have to do both, we both lift the breasts and put in an implant, depending on what the person's goals, desires are. Very high satisfaction on a combination of procedures and it's very transformative for patients. It really kind of gives them that look and feel and overall confidence that they had before they actually gave birth to their children.