Jean - Fractora & InMode - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


My name is Jean, and I came to Midwest Plastic Surgery and finally settled on the Fractora procedure. I did research for quite a while, for about two years, looking at different doctors and different procedures, reading blogs, comments, referrals from friends, in regards to... very close friends, by the way, and maybe even some clients, because only the people that are very close to me know how concerned and affected I was by my acne scars all my life.

At the age of 55, I was able to finally give myself sort of a little gift by saving some money, and doing the research, to finally do something about my acne scars, as you can see, on both sides of my face. As I've gotten older, the acne scars have gotten deeper, and I've been unable to wear foundation and different sort of skin coloring makeup because, again, as I've gotten older, the scars... If I put on makeup, the scars only look deeper, so I knew it was time for me to do something about my face, thus, again, the gift to myself.

Like I said, I did a lot of research online, and I really liked what I was hearing about Dr. Kouris, so I got in contact. From the first moment that I called this number, just talking to the receptionist, I started getting a good feeling. I spoke to Suzie, who also had issues in the past with acne scars, and right then, at that moment, I felt like I was in the right place.

So, I came for an interview and I met Jocelyn, Dr. Jocelyn Sisto, and I knew it was a good match. She said everything I wanted to hear, but she was honest, too. We decided on, out of a number of different procedures, that the Fractora would be the best.

So, I have had one session of the Fractora and it went very well. It wasn't an easy thing to go through. I mean, it was time-consuming, but it was less painful than I thought it was going to be, and I was very impressed with my results. Within two weeks, I think I not only look better, but I feel better about myself.

Also, I had some neck stuff done, and I can see my jawline being more pronounced. That also bothered me. It wasn't really part of the whole acne treatment, but it was one of my concerns, so we're tackling that too. There's a couple of other things that may come up in the future, but, once again, I just want say, I think I've finally found my doctor, and I found my safe place, and I'm really looking forward to proceeding with the rest of the Fractora.