Jennifer - Facetite & InMode - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


I am Jennifer, and I came into Midwest Plastic Surgery to see Jocelyn and Dr. Kouris, and I received the face tightening. The reason why I came in to see Jocelyn and Dr.Kouris is I wasn't satisfied with my neck. I asked Jocelyn, "What can I do to get that double chin taken out?" And she recommended to get the face tightening. She explained the procedure. She said, "It's not invasive," and that's something I was looking for. So, I then came in, and Dr. Kouris explained the procedure to me, and we began the procedure, and first day we took a picture, and second day I immediately seen the results. Dr. Kouris and Jocelyn were amazed at how fast the change, they could see the changes in my jaw. After my experience I highly recommend to anyone to come in and see Dr. Kouris and Jocelyn.