Adu - Breast Reduction - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


Hi. My name is Adu. My journey started awhile ago. I am 41. I have four children, married, and if you could say two words to describe my breasts it would be long and heavy. Two words that aren't too pleasing when you're describing a person's breasts.

I breastfed four children, and it was just time to get my girls off the floor basically. It was aesthetically not pleasing. It was painful. I want to see my kids grow up. I want to run and do different things with them, and it limited me. So I did my homework, and I was nervous because I had went somewhere else and I asked them about breast reduction, and it was basically like, "Oh get a good bra because you'll have scar tissue or being African American they're not sure if I would keloid or anything.

I put that off for years and I'm like, "I can't do it anymore." So I did research, I looked up Dr. Kouris. He was out of Rush. His background, he learned everything here in the United States which is a major thing when you're looking up a person to have surgery on you. When I came to see him we talked. He made me feel comfortable. He told me things I needed to do, vitamins I needed to stop taking. When I came to see him, it's like I'm trying to do this without becoming emotional, they're heaven sent.

My nipples actually are straight. They point out, and they're not around my waist like they used to be. I can actually go to a regular, just a department store, and buy my bras as opposed to a specialty store. I was paying almost 100 bucks per bra before. Now I can buy a 20 dollar bra and I have no problem. I can jog. I had no scarring. The healing process... I actually had another procedure done somewhere, and it wasn't a breast reduction, but it was liposuction, and I wasn't 100% pleased. You think that if you go downtown Chicago and you're in the Gold Coast, you're going to be happy because this is what they do. They make people beautiful. Well it wasn't what I expected, and I thought things could have been done a little bit different, but it wasn't... I am totally pleased with Dr. Kouris.

Anybody who's even thinking about this. Don't be afraid. Do your research. Come see him. He'll make you feel at ease. He stands behind his work. There are testimonials. There are pictures to see. He's a perfectionist if you ask me because I couldn't have asked for better. I highly recommend Dr. Kouris. He's the real deal, and I'm very happy.

It's like every time I come or when I came back for my checkups, I grab more of his cards because I have friends, of course. I have aunts, and it's just like, "You're not going to believe this." And showing them the before and after pictures of when my breasts were mid-waist to now they're up and perky, and this was just a reduction. It had nothing to do cosmetic of, "Oh, how pretty they can be." It was just, "Make it where my back doesn't hurt anymore," and I love it. So I highly recommend Dr. Kouris.