Breast Surgery - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


Breast surgery is surgery that we commonly do in our practice. There are a number of different breast procedures that can be done depending on what a person's goals and desires are, ranging from breast enhancement, to breast augmentation, to breast reduction, or breast lifting. We also do male breast surgery, or something called gynecomastia. I have not encountered a patient who is like the next patient, and because of that, there isn't really such a thing as a cookie cutter procedure for breast surgery. This kind of goes back to the fact that plastic surgery really should be individualized and customized for the particular patient.

There isn't just one procedure that everyone should go through. This to me is a big red flag actually. What we do is on how long we listened to patients' goals, we encourage patients to bring pictures of what their goals are. After the initial consultation, we sit down, we do an examination. A very careful examination. We take photos. We go over those photos. We look at various photos of previous patients to try to understand what a person's goals are. Then ultimately, I, with those pieces of information, provide a recommendation for the particular patient. Again, I think what's paramount is listening to what a person's goals and desires are, and being straightforward and truthful about what can be achieved based on what those goals and desires are.