Colleen - Breast Reconstruction - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


My name is Colleen Mathis. I came to Midwest Plastic Surgery after I had a preventative double mastectomy. I was going to be needing reconstructive surgery after that. I was recommended Dr. Kouris by a friend that also had had a double mastectomy, and Dr. Kouris had done her reconstructive surgery. She was very happy. She's also in the medical field. She was a nurse practitioner, and I know she had a very good experience with him and his staff, so that's what brought me to Midwest.

Along the way, I would say that I had an incredibly positive experience, really, from day one. I think Dr. Kouris has a very conservative approach to his plastic surgery in terms of his thoroughness as well as his like follow-up. I would also say that his staff from Sheila, his main nurse, to even his front office staff, are incredibly detailed and attentive to you along the way.

Mine would have been a very long, my surgical, I would say experience was kind of a long procedure, because I had reconstructive surgery at the same time I had my mastectomy, and then I had to go in for weekly appointments for my expanders, basically, to be filled. I think I went in once a week for several months before I was at full capacity, and then I was able to have my exchange surgery, which would have been two years ago this month.

Along the way I would see Sheila every week or Dr. Kouris for those fills. She kept me very informed. There were no surprises. Very, very attentive to my weekly visits with her. Seemed to have any questions I needed answered. I think I had her cell phone. I think I was able to call the office at any time.

I would highly recommend Midwest Plastic Surgery and Dr. Kouris to basically any patient looking for, if it's something more serious like a reconstructive surgery versus just an elective plastic surgery. I trust him and his staff fully and find them to be extremely professional and experienced.