Breast Reconstruction - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


My name is Kathy Hulst. I'm a relatively new patient for Dr. Kouris. However, I came to know Dr. Kouris because I was a former patient of Dr. Bitar, and so I was accustomed to working with Dr. Bitar's team, including Jocelyn and Karolina.

When I needed some followup, I was thrilled when I got to meet Dr. Kouris. I find that he's extremely down to earth, genuinely cares about his patients. He answers questions honestly, succinctly, and offers his opinion very specifically, which I really appreciate.

I was in need of, surprisingly, revision to reconstruction that I had after having been a breast cancer patient about 11 years ago, and I met with Dr. Kouris to talk about the options that I had, and was very, very pleased when he was supportive of my accelerating the process to have the reconstruction revisions done right away because my daughter is getting married in just a couple of weeks and I wanted that process to be complete before the wedding. And so he was very accommodating.

I find that Dr. Kouris has a wonderful rapport with his patients. He builds it in what seems like a very quick manner. He really, really cares about his patients and seems to understand the importance of the work that he does, not only from a cosmetic perspective, but certainly also from a healthy one. I was also thrilled to get his nurse, Sheila, who has done a remarkable job with the followup that I've needed. The procedures were all done extremely well. I'm thrilled, thrilled, thrilled with the results, and as Sheila, as well as Dr. Kouris have been very accommodating, but also very thorough in the followup and have encouraged me to stay committed to the recovery process, but have also been extremely complimentary of my feelings with regard to the outcome of the procedures.

I don't know where I would be without Dr. Kouris and his team right now, and I would highly recommend that they be considered for any cosmetic or surgical work that needs to be done. I highly recommend them.