Anabella - Breast Reduction - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


Hi. My name's Annabelle. I heard of Dr. Kouris through recommendations online. Back when I was 16, I went to see him, and he told me about my options of a breast reduction, and I said, "Okay," and I'd think about it. He told me I could always come back. I came back when I was 21 in December and he said we could try again. He gave me all my options. He sat down and talked with me about everything that was going to happen. He even drew a diagram and showed me all the cuts and where'd they go, and the risks. I never felt nervous about it. I was always very confident and safe in his care. I wasn't nervous at all, like I said.

The day of it, I was super excited. Afterwards, I was so happy to finally feel like I was in the right body almost. I was just so much more happy. I'm so thankful for Dr. Kouris. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his care.