Emotional Transformation Process - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


Plastic surgery, to me, is very fascinating because what I get joy from is watching the transformation right before my eyes, that patients go through. It's really a journey that we take patients on. It's from the initial consultation of, hello, I'm so and so, this is what I'm here to do. Can you help me with this? To, taking them through the process verbally, and then ultimately taking them through the actual surgical procedure, and then through that procedure, and then postoperative care afterwards.

I consider plastic surgery a relationship. I am very good at delivering my expertise, my advice, my opinions, the surgical skill that a patient requires. The patient has to commit to the postoperative healing, and the recovery, and the downtime. Ultimately, when we work together as a team and we communicated very well, we get to that endpoint with a very high satisfaction. That, to me, is what I love to see.

We start that journey together on a hello, we get the know each other, we set up a plan, we execute the plan together, and then we take you through the endpoint of the journey, which is basically the recovery. At the very end, we have very highly satisfied, a very happy patient. To me, that's what's really important. At the end of the day, it's making patients happy. That really makes my day, makes me very happy.