What Sets Dr. Kouris Apart - Kouris MD - Hinsdale, IL


One thing that sets our practice apart is the fact that I have a very close academic affiliation with a major medical center, Rush University Medical Center. I am an assistant professor of plastic surgery at the medical center, and I actively treat patients there who have the most complicated, complex situations to the most straightforward situations. In so doing, I also teach residents and fellows at multiple levels how to care for those patients. We do this through hands-on techniques that we demonstrate in the operating room for these residents and fellows. I do multiple teaching didactic series at the university. I'm a referenced colleague for other plastic surgeons within the field who are seeking opinions and advice regarding plastic surgery.

I think these things are all paramount in making sure that we are at the forefront of the field, delivering the highest quality in plastic surgery because we're the people who are educating the other folks in the progress and progression of our actual field.

This is important from a safety perspective. It's important from a outcomes perspective. Ultimately, it gives our patients the right procedure in the safest possible way, with a high satisfaction at the end of the day.