Welcome to Kouris MD - Dr. Kouris - Hinsdale, IL


Hello, my name is Doctor George Kouris. I am a board certified, fellowship trained, aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. I have been practicing plastic surgery in the Chicago land area for over 14 years. My practice includes cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body in addition to reconstructive surgery of the breasts. I pride myself on providing very high level care to patients in a very couture, customized fashion.

What sets us apart is the fact I come to the table with a very vast knowledge and experience of plastic surgery. I have trained at a major medical center, Rush University Medical Center. I practiced there for over 12 years in private practice, and have learned, and refined the various concepts and techniques of plastic and reconstructive surgery to optimize satisfaction and patient care. We do this at a very high level, in a very professional and compassionate setting.

Our patients get to know us from the moment they say hello, and walk in the door, and really we become lifelong partners in this journey of transformation and reconstruction. It's a very intimate thing. It's something that we take very personally. It's something that I pride myself on. I love to see the patient transform from hello through the journey of surgery, and then come out at the very end with a new self-confidence, self-image, self-esteem. That is something that really brings great joy to not only myself, but really to my nurses, and physician assistants, and really the entire staff here. We really care for our patients. We want to see them, at the end of the day, be happy, confident, fulfilled patients.